About us

Interbaro Recycling has been active in the world of metals since 1970. We started as metal workers and developed in unison with the developments in the field into a metal processor. As a result of the knowledge and experience gained in production techniques and production processes, Interbaro Recycling is a company that can autonomously perform all the required processing steps.

Many products are not suitable to be directly shipped off to the Far East upon arrival. This could be due to the rules and regulations, product’s size or the fact that many companies want their “waste” to be processed according to European regulations, and thus keep important resources in Europe.

On top of the regular metal trade, our company’s primary tasks are disassembling, sorting and separating activities. Almost every product is different in the metal recycling business. These products are decisively dealt with using lots of manpower, supported by powerful machinery.

At Interbaro Recycling, a flexible team of motivated employees is ready to modify, process, and/or sort your waste. This is done in an environmentally responsible manner, and according to existing European rules and regulations. In this manner, many materials that arrive on our company’s premises leave as shortly after as usable resources.

Ons team

Bart Daals
+31 (0) 6 53175406


Ineke te Wildt
Financial assistant
+31 (0) 314 333608


Romy van Heteren
Logistics and
Administrative Assistant
+31 (0) 314 333608


Albert de Witte
Representative buying and selling
+31 (0) 6 21711666

Frans van Heteren
+31 (0) 314 333608


Maurits van Halen
Algeheel leidinggevende
+31 (0) 6 82946095


Jan te Slaa
General manager
+31 (0) 314 333608


Radek Kandora
+31 (0) 314 333608